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Welcome to App Agency 360, your trustworthy and efficient partner in Staff Augmentation. Our highly qualified powerhouse of developers, designers, and QA professionals is flexible enough to accelerate your project development.

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What Do We Offer?

Our Staff Augmentation Services

Finding the IT professionals you need is not easy. Our well-experienced and skilled developers, designers, and QAs are flexible and can fill the gaps in your team.

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We help startups avoid the commitment of long-term hires to complete their large-scale project on time.

E-Commerce Business

Our expert professionals handle increased web traffic and optimize shopping experiences during their peak times.

Major Tech Companies

For major tech companies with limited time and resources, we work as an extended team to help them reach their target on time.

Healthcare Providers

We fulfill the requirements of temporary IT expertise for projects related to data security, electronic health records, and automation.

Financial Institution

We provide temporary Staff for software development, cyber defense, and fintech applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a strategic outsourcing model in which businesses hire external talents when needed. In today’s market, companies need diverse skills and won’t be able to maintain an entire in-house team. So, hiring experts outside the organizations for a certain period is also possible with this model.

How does staff augmentation differ from traditional hiring?

Unlike traditional hiring, staff augmentation allows organizations to scale up or down quickly without a long-term commitment. It also avoids overhead costs and allows organizations to choose the talents that fit perfectly with their projects.

What types of roles can staff Augmentation fill?

No roles limit staff augmentation as long as the employee and employer agree. However, several popular roles in the IT industry are Designers, Developers, Project managers, Quality analysts, and Digital marketers.

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation offers several advantages. It provides specialized skills, lower costs, faster project completion, enhanced flexibility, and core business focus.

How do you ensure the quality of Staff provided through Augmentation?

We analyze your needs and select employees aligned with your business goals. This is an easy process as we know the expertise of our employees well. We offer continual support, training, and performance monitoring to ensure our Staff surpasses client expectations.


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