App Development Process: From Concept to Launch

Curious about our App Development Process? At App Design 360, we understand that a successful software development process must go through a strategic and systematic approach. Our app process guides you from concept to a seamless journey toward application launch.

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Here is a glimpse of our comprehensive app process:
Discovery And Planning

Discovery and Planning

Design & Prototyping

Design & Prototyping



Testing And Quality Assurance

Testing and Quality Assurance

Deployment And Launch

Deployment and Launch

Post-Launch Support & Maintenance

Post-launch Support & Maintenance

Discovery and Planning

Every app process starts differently. Some come with only ideas, while many arrive with detailed feature documentation they want to see in their Application. Some want the exact replications of their top competitors. Well, whatever the case is, we undergo the following process during the Discovery and Planning phase:

Design & Prototyping

This step marks a significant milestone as our Application begins to take shape. In this phase, we finalize and eliminate some features to refine the Application's concept.


The next step of this development process starts with handling the designed UI/UX for the developers. This is the most extended yet most rewarding phase as we can watch our Application grow and try it for the first time.
Agile development

We follow the Agile Development Approach for a transparent, faster, and flexible development process. Agile is the time-proven and industry-standard approach. It involves continuous communication, testing, and iterative development for optimal performance.

Frontend development

When we talk about Frontend development, it is the construction of the Application for the users that brings our UI to life. This journey starts with tech stack selection and configuration and leads to component development.

Backend development

We are concurrently developing the backend of our Application and collaborating with our frontend developers. In this phase, we build server-side logic, database, and APIs to power the App's functionality and user experience.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing is an integral part of the development cycle. Our expert QA executes this process to ensure the optimal functionality and performance of our Application. We conduct testing throughout and after the development phase.

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Manual Testing

Our expert human tester manually identifies and validates functionality, performance, and usability issues without utilizing automated tools.

Automated Testing

This involves using automated tools and scripts to test the quality and consistency of our Application across all platforms.

Functional Testing

We execute test cases to verify all the Application’s features and functionality. This validates data processing, user interactions, and system responses across different scenarios.

Usability Testing

We observe real users interacting with applications and executing tasks. This helps enhance the user interface and user experience.

Compatibility Testing

Again, to increase user experience, we ensure our Application performs well regardless of device, operating system, and platform.

Performance Testing

We simulate various loads, stress levels, and network conditions to ready our Application for optimal performance in every scenario.

Deployment and Launch

We cherish this phase as we mark the transition from the app concept to making it available to the users. We begin by serving our clients with pre-deployment preparation. We test our Application with stakeholders and potential users to generate last-minute feedback. We finalize the app version and create the necessary documents for users and stakeholders. Then, we set up the deployment environment by configuring servers, databases, and other infrastructure components. Once we get everything set, we launch the Application to the relevant store, and the app development process ends here.

Post-launch Support & Maintenance

This phase is optional but essential. We go through the users' reviews and feedback, which allows us to rectify possible issues. Nothing is more accurate than real user interaction. We help you blend your application by analyzing your users' behavior to keep you ahead of the game.


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