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Whether you are a startup with a groundbreaking website idea or an established business looking to revamp your online presence, we build your website. We assure you that your website is functional and yet resonates perfectly with your business goals. What do we do differently from others? Permit us to take you on a streamlined journey through the phases of our website development process.

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The website development process typically spans five to eight phases but follows a consistent overall structure. Here is our comprehensive guide to our development process, which helps you understand our working mechanism.

Requirements Analysis & Planning
UX/UI Design
Testing and Iterative Development
Support and Maintenance

Phase 1: Requirements Analysis & Planning

Well, this step has already begun, with our first cup of coffee shared or the first phone call we engaged in. But this phase doesn't end there. We will focus on the following activities to understand your expectations of us and the website.

Phase 2: UX/UI design

With a solid plan, we utilize our expertise to design a website that attracts users and compels engagement. We combine information achieved from detailed research with our seasoned designer's expertise. It allows informed decisions and strategies to craft a website that is visually stunning and facilitates optimal user experience.

What do we do in this phase?

➡ Clear, consistent, and Visually appealing User Interface (UI) design
➡ User-centric UX design with optimal usability
➡ User Review and iterative UI/UX design

Phase 3: Development

Once our designers complete the UI/UX design, they hand it over to our developers. Designers help them to understand the intent and vision of the overall design. This phase is the first time we interact with our website. This phase involves the actual implementation of the design and the development of its functionalities.

Phase 4: Testing and Iterative Development

This process runs concurrently with the development, where our QAs identify bugs and potential risks. It is an integral part of the development that assures the efficiency and performance of our website. Our QA thoroughly tests the quality of the code and then passes feedback to the developers and designers. This phase enables us to rectify and improve the possible risks and areas for improvement during development. That ultimately helps produce a high-performing website at minimal cost. And, of course, we test the website even after the development is completed. This process is non-negotiable to empower the website's overall performance and usability.

Different Testing we excel in:

  • Unit Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Usability Testing

Phase 5: Deployment

After ensuring everything works perfectly, we deploy our website across different platforms. Firstly, we create a deployment plan for transitioning our website to a live environment. After that, we configure databases, servers, and security guidelines. This is where the market and users first encounter our website. Nothing beats real user interaction, so this step allows us to make real-life user-centric improvements based on their feedback.

Final Phase: Support and Maintenance

Website deployment is not where the web process ends. We also have to make it ready and up to date with the trends and technology in the ever-changing digital landscape. We analyze the user's feedback and review for continuous upgrades based on generated data. This phase involves monitoring security and functionality to ensure the website's relevance, accessibility, and performance at all times.

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