Services to Grow Your Business

We support customer engagement services and the growth of digital brands by designing conversion-focused mobile app design and web development services. Find out how we are doing all.

Mobile App Design & Development

Experienced top-notch mobile design & development services in NYC! Our skilled team crafts cutting-edge mobile apps tailored to your business needs. We design & build iOS & Android gems for your business. We are a Team of Native & Hybrid experts. We build to boost engagement, conquer the App Store. We excel in following technologies: Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Swift.

Web Design (UI/UX) & Development

Transform your digital presence with our dynamic web design & development services in NYC, United States of America. We specialize in creating stunning, user-friendly, best-in-class websites tailored to your customized/ Unique needs. We design and develop your web application which is SEO-savvy that convert, local know-how, scale your biz & crush competition. We excel in following technologies: Node.js, React.js, Laravel, Python, Web3.0, .NET.

Staff Augmentation

Optimize your workforce with our tech staff augmentation services in NYC, United of America. We provide skilled professionals to seamlessly integrate into your team, addressing temporary skill gaps or bolstering ongoing projects. Expand your dedicated software development team in a couple weeks with hand-picked top tech talent in NYC. Our Tailored environment for staff augmentation for Web, Mobile & Software Agency for development agencies in the United States of America.

Software Development

We are a custom software design & development company. We engage with our customers to provide evidence-based strategic solutions, customer-friendly UI design and best-in-class customized digital experiences for tomorrow. We have been formed as a team for 15 years, consisting of industry-specialized, passionate teams and US Army Veterans.

Services to Grow Your Business

We support customer engagement services and the growth of digital brands by designing conversion-focused mobile app design and web development services. Find out how we are doing all.

Our Stats

14 years of expertise (1)

14+ Years of Expertise

Since 2008, we have been constantly serving in this field. We have seen it all, from struggling days to reaching the peak, and it made us humble and more efficient.

360+ IT professionals

360+ IT Professionals

App Design 360 is constantly growing. From a team of four, we are now a team of 150+ IT professionals.

50+ Domains

50+ Domains

Over the period, our extensive team has gathered experience in various technologies to deliver efficiency.

99% recurring customer

99% Recurring Customers

Our loyal and recurring customers bless us by recommending our service to other partners. We value our customer's satisfaction.

500+ delivered projects

500+ Delivered Projects

We work with businesses of all kinds and all natures. We are flexible enough to blend with your project.

400+ Clients From 50+ Countries

400+ Clients from 50+ Countries

We work for clients from all over the world, and we are available 24*7.

Challenges We help to Solve

Cost Reduction

App Design 360 carefully listens to our customers' ideas and offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

Digital Transformation

We help you transform your traditional business into an automation business. We analyze your market and user behavior to build software with maximum capability.

IT expert Gap

Need assistance from IT experts to turn your project into reality? Hire our expert and flexible IT professional who blends into your project seamlessly.

Who Do We Work With?

Startup And Entrepreneurs

Startup and Entrepreneurs

small and medium business ( SMBs)

Small & Medium Size Business (SMBs)

Enterprise Clients

Enterprise Clients

Government & Public Sector

Government & Public Sector

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit Organizations


Showcasing the best of Us

Don’t just believe our words; evaluate the quality of our work via our past projects.

What our clients say about us1

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Kevin McIntosh

Excellent work! Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I plan on hiring them again for future WordPress and Magento projects.


Kevin McIntosh,

Adam Norsworthy

The team worked double overtime to make this project happen on a short timeline. Always App Design 360 did an outstanding job. They are now our development team of choice to handle most of our projects.


Adam Norsworthy,


Great team! I’m already engaging them for more work on this project. As is normal, detailed specifications are critical for success. We went over the deadline by a few weeks, which is significant, but they did a lot to accommodate my scope, so I will adjust my expectations and those of my clients. Overall, a great team to work with!




Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Questions? Don't be shy, your answer is one click away. Also, explore questions that are frequently asked to us.

What technologies do you use for web development?

Our team utilizes a combination of modern web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We have expertise in popular frontend frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js. In backend development, we specialize in languages such as PHP, Python, and Node.js. Additionally, we have extensive experience working with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

What technologies do you use for mobile development?

For mobile app development, we leverage technologies such as React Native, Flutter, or native app development using Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift/Objective-C for iOS. We choose the most suitable technology based on project requirements and client preferences.

How experienced is your team in web and mobile development?

Our team comprises experienced professionals with a strong background in web and mobile development. We have successfully delivered numerous projects across various industries, honing our expertise in delivering high-quality solutions.

How long does it typically take to develop a website or a mobile app?

The time it takes to develop a website or a mobile app can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the complexity of the project, the features and functionalities required, the size of the development team, and the overall scope of work. However, it’s important to note that estimating the exact timeline for a project without specific details is challenging. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Simple Websites: A basic informational website with a few static pages can typically be developed within a few weeks.
  • Complex Websites: Websites with custom designs, interactive elements, content management systems (CMS), and integration of third-party services may take several weeks to a few months to complete.
  • Small Mobile Apps: Simple mobile apps with a limited number of screens and basic features can usually be developed in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Medium to Large Mobile Apps: Mobile apps with more complex functionality, database integration, APIs, user authentication, and advanced features may take several months to develop.

It’s important to keep in mind that these timelines are estimates and can vary based on the specific requirements of the project, the availability of resources, and the level of collaboration between the development team and the client.

What is the process for working with your company on a web or mobile development project?

Please find an overview of the typical steps involved:

  • Understanding the Requirements: We will review the requirements carefully and ensure that we understand the needs and objectives clearly. We will communicate to clarify any doubts and questions that we may have.
  • Analyzing Technical Feasibility: Once we have a clear understanding of the requirements, we will analyze the technical feasibility of the project. This analysis will include identifying the resources required, timelines, and identifying potential technical challenges that could arise during the development process.
  • Creating a Project Plan: Based on the technical feasibility analysis, we will create a project plan that outlines the scope, timelines, resources, milestones, and deliverables of the project. This plan will be shared with the client for approval.
  • Building a Team: We will assemble a team of developers, designers, and project managers with the necessary skills and expertise to execute the project plan.
  • Designing the Architecture: We will work with the team to design the architecture of the project, including the database schema, API specifications, and system components.
  • Development and Testing: Once the architecture is finalized, the development team will start building the project. We will ensure that the development process follows industry standards and best practices. We will conduct regular testing to identify and fix bugs and ensure that the project is delivered according to the client’s requirements.
  • Delivery and Deployment: Once the project is developed and tested, we will deploy it on the client’s server or the cloud-based server. We will ensure that the deployment process is seamless and that the project is running smoothly in the production environment.
  • Post-Launch Support and Maintenance: After the project is launched, we will provide post-launch support and maintenance to ensure that the project is running smoothly and that any issues that arise are resolved promptly.

What are your pricing models for web and mobile development projects?

Please find the overview of common pricing models used:

  • Fixed Price: In this model, the project is divided into specific deliverables, and a fixed price is agreed upon for the entire project. This pricing model is suitable when the project requirements are well-defined and unlikely to change significantly.
  • Time and Materials: With this model, the client is billed based on the actual time and resources invested in the project. The hourly rate for the development team is determined, and the client pays for the hours worked and any additional expenses incurred. This model offers flexibility for projects with evolving requirements or when the scope is not precisely defined.
  • Retainer: This model involves a long-term partnership where the client pays a monthly or quarterly fee to retain the services of the development team. This model is suitable for ongoing maintenance, support, and regular feature enhancements.
  • Dedicated Team: In this model, the client hires a dedicated team of developers and pays a monthly fee for their services. The team works exclusively on the client’s projects and is managed directly by the client. This model offers flexibility and control over resource allocation.

It’s important to note that pricing can vary depending on factors such as project complexity, technology stack, team size, and location.


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