Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends in 2024 in Northwest USA

Author: Appdesign360 | 25/04/2024 | Author: mobile app
Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends in 2024 in Northwest USA

The landscape of mobile app UI/UX design always continues to evolve. That is because of the advancement of technology, the quest for a seamless experience, and the change in customer behavior. This demands the adaptability of developers and designers to the changes, ultimately leading to new design trends.

No design can last forever. Every design should change even if the fundamentals remain constant. Over the past few years, we have witnessed drastic changes in application design. From basic graphics and interface to today’s immersive AR experiences, app design has come a long way, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. More than just a boring application, users want applications that are tailored to their requirements and won’t bother their eyes.
Being a software development company in the northwest USA and a keen observer of trends, let us give you a quick peek at emerging and highly potent trends that will shape the future of design.

  1. Motion Video and Animation

    Today’s users are more used to video or animated content rather than text content. They spend hours watching videos on YouTube, Netflix or Vimeo. It not only attracts users but also delivers more information in a short period. Also, it is a great way to enhance brand awareness and generate leads and conversions.
    Up to 2022, the designers mainly focused on keeping the applications simple and minimalistic. But, this year, as computing capabilities increase, the trends of animations also increase. With animations, designers can influence users’ imagination of their apps. Also, abstract geometric shapes, mainly circular and spherical, have increased for borders, backgrounds, and imagery.

  2. Chatbots

    Chatbots in 2024 are more sophisticated, versatile, and integrated than ever before. They enrich the user experiences with entertaining, intelligent, and conversational interfaces according to the users’ needs and preferences. They are smart enough to understand user intent and context, enabling natural and meaningful user interactions. Chatbots have redefined customer engagements and user experience while being cost-effective.

  3. Passwordless Login

    Now, users don’t want to remember multiple passwords or reset the passwords numerous times. So, passwordless logins like face recognition and fingerprints are emerging as a preferred authentication mechanism. Moreover, robust device security features and authentication protocols ensure compliance and security standards.
    This process not only streamlines the login process but also reduces user friction, resulting in higher user engagement and retention rates. As businesses and designers focus more on security and user experience, passwordless login is becoming a cornerstone of authentication mechanisms in 2024 and beyond.

  4. Dark mode

    The dark mode is a user interface design where the background remains black or dark while the text will be in light colors. This mode is nothing new but has gained impressive traction among users worldwide. This mode not only provides a premium look but is also believed to be good for eye strain. Also, dark mode requires reduced energy to display the pages, leading to extended battery life.

  5. Microinteractions

    Two facts decide product quality: features and details. Features are the attractions that drive users to the application. On the other hand, details are what keeps the users in the application and make it stand out in the market.
    Among those great details is micro-interaction. Microinteraction is what provides a natural desire for acknowledgment to the users. Also, users expect immediate responses when they click on something. Microinteraction keeps them engaged when the apppage takes time to respond. Microinteraction has been playing a crucial role in user experience.

  6. Asymmetric Elements

    Asymmetric elements in app design have been established as a bold and innovative approach to creating visually appealing and dynamic applications in 2024. Unlike traditional symmetric layouts, asymmetric designs introduce a sense of spontaneity, creativity, and uniqueness to the user experiences.
    That said, some thresholds must be met for good asymmetric designs. The balance of contrast between elements of different sizes and the execution of the intended sense is crucial. By doing well, app designers can create memorable and impactful experiences that captivate users’ attention and encourage exploration.

  7. Augment Reality

    Augmented reality continues to redefine the app design trends in 2024, offering interactive and immersive experiences to blend digital and physical worlds. It is a new world tool that takes the app design trend to the next level. Now, users can experience virtual objects in the real world. This enhances user experience across various industries and applications by enabling a sense of illusion.
    Augmented reality makes shopping, gaming, and training experiences much more effective. This enhances applications to hook users by providing an entertaining browsing experience and then converting them into leads.

  8. Scrollytelling

    Scrollytelling (Scroll + Storytelling) is another exciting feature used in app design. People love narratives; scrolly-telling is about establishing it via content, imagery, or videos. It is the way of conveying a message through the scroll on the page. This presents the information in a more appealing and interactive way, making it more entertaining and memorable.


    Sure, there are countless exciting trends being introduced to the mobile app’s UI/UX design, and there will be more in the future. You have to explore all the possibilities and their impact on users. One good feature can be the hero of your application. However, integrating each trending feature on your application can sometimes be too much. And instead of enhancing the user experience, it ruins the overall experience. Your main motive should be meeting your user’s expectations and preferences. So, you have to be competent in your application’s design choice. Your business type and ideal users can be your decider. At last, the trends that work for your users matter the most.


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